20 Photos to Inspire You to Visit Istanbul

Blue Mosque in Istanbul

Touring the Blue Mosque in Istanbul

Solo Female Traveling in Istanbul

Ticket to visit mosque

Looking over the mosque in Istanbul

Snack cart outside mosque

View over Istanbul mosque and bay

Chandeliers in Istanbul

Blonde Inside building in Turkey

Inside building in Turkey
Exploring the spice markets in Istanbul

Spice Market in Istanbul
Overlook of Istanbul
Istanbul view from the water

Turkish Lamp Market in Istanbul

Street Cat in Istanbul

Istanbul Architecture

Turkish Coffee Stand

Turkish Cuisine

Turkish Food in Istanbul

In Istanbul, you will find a convergence of architecture, culture and trade routes from all over the world. Those elements create a vastly diverse, exciting melting pot with immense charm.

I fell in love with the energy of this city, and would encourage anyone to visit Istanbul.

Probably the most famous and iconic sight in Istanbul is commonly referred to as the Blue Mosque. It was built in 1616 and there are over 20,000 handmade ceramic tiles! In addition, there is the Hagia Sophia that has been standing for more than 1400 years.

It served as an Orthodox Cathedral until 1453 until Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II (who conquered Istanbul) converted it into a mosque.

I spent 24 hours exploring Istanbul during a quick stopover, and one of my favorite stops was the Grand Bazaar. It is one of the oldest and largest covered markets in the world. Built in 1461, the market stretches 61 streets and consists of over 3,000 shops!

It’s an overload of the senses and truly shows the local culture and camaraderie.

While you’re visiting, you’ll have to try some of the best food in Istanbul. Grab a customary simit (sesame seed crusted bread rings) or an incredible pide (Turkish pizza) for under $2 USD. For breakfast, opt for “menemen”, the Turkish take on an morning egg dish.

And of course, a trip to Istanbul wouldn’t be complete without a stop for a cup of Turkish coffee. You’ll find that Turkish coffee is a bit thicker in consistency than espresso and has a distinct flavor of cardamom. It can be an acquired taste for some, but definitely worth a try!

For a special treat, and a lesser-known tourist attraction, take a cruise up the Bosphorus strait and get incredible views from the waterway.

If you didn’t know, Istanbul is the only city in the world that is split between two continents, so the Bosphorus strait divides the city into an European and Asian part. A cruise or ferry can take you to the Asian part, and I’d recommend spending some time in Kadikoy. You’ll witness a whole different atmosphere, mix of architecture, an authentic culture, and with that, different kinds of food and markets!

Check out my video on exploring Istanbul in a day!

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