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Empowerment is one of those many flavored words. You can put an identity in front of the word and it can take on rich nuance and meaning.

We are talking about a different kind of empowerment.

It is about giving someone the ‘power’ to do their best. It assumes that someone has the desire and ability to be excellent if they are just empowered to do so.

The odd thing is: why should this be an issue at all? Why wouldn’t someone with the interest, will and ability to do great work, be allowed to? In many organizations there are layers upon layers of management, rules, history, and fear that keeps people un-empowered.

You already know what happens, the good folks, the ones who really want to change the world, leave. They move on to a place where they are empowered to do what they are hard-wired to do: make a difference.

In fact, once you have a good model in place. a key to scaling any business is really about helping people be effective by removing obstacles. Empowering them to do great work.

Pretty simple, eh?

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