make this fulfilling

So you’re floating on this huge ball of rock, somewhere in the outer parts of a vast galaxy.

And somehow you’re meant to make it worthwhile and meaningful, in spite of all the suffering, malevolence and endless distractions happening everywhere around you.

The good news is, you ain’t the first. Read any great book from the ancients- Greek, Roman, Chinese, it doesn’t matter. They all faced the same problem as you. And they all shared the same weak body and limited brain capacity as yourself. God only gave them 24 hours in an day as well.

And yet, a few of them managed to make some kinda sense of it, whether by religion or science or philosophy or sex or whatever worked at the time.

You may not be Einstein or Jesus or Catherine The Great. The good news is, you’re not THAT different from them, either.

The ball is in your court, Kiddo. So give it a good thwack.

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