culture is a platform

Google has an amazing culture. Which allows it to do amazing things.

Ditto Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Amazon.

Amazing culture. Amazing results. You can’t separate the two.

A great culture can create anything it puts its mind to. That’s why we think of culture as a “platform”. Because it’s where everything starts, and the aforementioned companies agree.

Or, in the case of a toxic culture, it’s where everything worthwhile and exciting is killed, right out the gate.

A company with a great culture can do anything it sets its mind to. A company with a toxic culture can barely tie its own metaphorical shoelaces. No wonder people talk about it so often in Harvard Business Review. It’s one of those things that’s so obvious, yet so often overlooked… although one could argue that the days where one could get away with overlooking it are long gone. The war for talent is to intense now, for that.

And Thank Heavens for that.

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