pépite online store

A former frankie staffer has launched an online store dedicated to local handmade objects to cherish forever.

There are oh-so many talented types making lovely objects in Australia, and the endlessly cheerful Irina Rybakov spends her days cherry-picking some of the finest for her store/gallery pépite. Full disclosure: Irina was part of the frankie team for two years, which makes us a little biased when it comes to how awesome we reckon pépite is – but would you look at this range, for goodness’ sake? Including stuff by the likes of biro artist Indigo O’Rourke, ceramicist Ella Bendrups, multi-skilled maker Shuh Lee, and textile wiz Daisy Watt, there’s literally heaps to explore, and then some. Oh, and if you can’t make it to Irina’s current location (at 195 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, aka Alpha60’s Melbourne menswear store), pop over to the pépite website – her online shop has just gone live. 

Sweet-as-can-be snaps by Bri Hammond.

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