excellence needs recogntion or else it finds it elsewhere

You want to attract the best talent? Create the best environment.

The work that keeps companies going day in and day out is done by your employees, and for that they deserve more than just fair pay and reasonable hours — they need to get regular thanks.

We all need to know our work is appreciated. We’re humans with emotional needs, after all, and validation is one of those.

Invest in the simple gestures. Put birthdays in the company calendar, keep snacks around, point out when someone’s stayed a few late nights or stepped up on a project. Make people feel special. Make them feel like their work is reflective of who they are.

When your employees feel recognized, they feel connected — and that feeling is what pushes them to try harder, to learn more, and to work better. Taking time to remember the small things often has the biggest impact.

Gratitude is important. If your employees can’t find it with you, they’ll go seek it elsewhere.

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