Exhibit view of "A Murder in Bruges: Cast of Characters"

Exhibit view of “A Murder in Bruges: Cast of Characters”


Last night, during our monthly “Drawn In” event, solo artist Ito Briones let the cat out of the bag and revealed to a packed crowd just who murdered the ‘Tattoo-Man’ in his murder-mystery exhibit, “A Murder in Bruges: Cast of Characters.”

Briones wrote a story to fill in all the blanks and connect the characters and clues in the mystery. He read the story to the crowd and posted it on his website. Read on to find out who murdered the ‘Tattoo-Man’!

Connecting the clues

Did you notice that two of the portraits, which seem to be of the same person, actually are not?


"Tattoo-Man 2"

“Tattoo-Man 2”


"Tattoo-Man 1"

“Tattoo-Man 1”


“The dead body that you have lying in the morgue is not the Tattoo-man who is the art model and boyfriend of Ivana but a twin brother,” Inspector Luttwak explained. “The fact of the matter is that there are two Tattoo-men.”

The answer was in front of the viewer, within the artwork all along! Tattoo-Man 2 was murdered by Tattoo-Man 1, his twin brother. How and why? Read about it here.

The Tattoo-Men

Who did you think the murderer was?

Did you guess correctly? Let us know in the comments. And, stop by the gallery before Sunday evening to get one, last in-person glimpse of this unique exhibit.

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