Teams vs Tribes

Ten years ago, Seth Godin published what is probably my favorite book of his, ”Tribes”.

The thesis of the book is simple. One of humanity’s greatest drives is to belong, namely, tobelong to something that matters.

To be part of something important. Making a difference. To be inspired by the mission, and to inspire others in turn.

A company that can do that, or a product that can do that, is unstoppable. This is what Napoleon meant when he said, “Good morale is worth 50,000 men on the battlefield.”

And the best thing of all, it really doesn’t matter what industry we’re talking about. Real estate, technology, automobiles, healthcare, that’s not the issue. The issue is the people who you’re working with, and how y’all feel about it.

Do they matter? Do you matter to them? Would you take a bullet for them, or at least, work weekends for them?

Does any of it matter? You tell me.

The other great thing is, you don’t have to be a CEO to start. You can be the guy in the mailroom, and still be a leader. All that’s needed is the will to start. Right now. Decode who your tribe is, find out what they really need, and set their brains fire. Today. Nothing is stopping you. So begin.

Your move, Kiddo.

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