all health is behavioral health

This was an idea we were playing with for some friends over at HCA, last year. It doesn’t take much to recognize that so much of human health, well-being and suffering is tied to behaviors.

It seems like many times a day we are reminded that habits and behaviors are cited as the root cause of great disability, and the opportunity for vibrant health. In times past, when someone mentioned ‘behavioral health’ we thought ‘mental health’, but what we all now realize is that mental health extends to all behaviors, how we eat, exercise, socialize. They all have huge impact on our well being.

Our friend, Benjamin Hardy, recently wrote a book called, “Willpower Doesn’t Work” that addresses these issues and compellingly demonstrates that we need more than willpower to live productively and healthfully, and that behavior is heavily influenced by environment.

As an aside, if you ever have to go to the Emergency Room in South Florida, (which we hope is for nothing more than a stubbed toe) you might as well go over to HCA’s Aventura Hospital. It has a pretty neat gapingvoid art installation that is guaranteed to enhance the mood and experience.

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