Top Sailing Destinations in Sicily

It’s very easy to fall under Sicily’s spell. With olive strewn landscapes, ancient temples, and timeless cuisines, it’s no wonder that it’s one of the most beautiful spots in the Mediterranean. What better way to see it than to hop on a boat and sail the coast.

I visited Sicily with the Yacht Week Italy, where we sailed to 6 jaw-dropping destinations and explored everything that Sicily had to offer.

Here is my itinerary and the top sailing destinations in Sicily!

Portorosa, Sicily

Day 1: Portorosa

Portorosa is the marina where the sailing week begins. It’s about 150 km away from the Catania Airport and getting there is relatively easy with options like a taxi or bus.

Before setting sail, enjoy some Italian sorbet and soak in the sun because you are about to embark on one remarkable journey.

Salina, Sicily

Day 2: Salina

Unlike Lipari, Salina is often quieter and much greener due to it being the only island with a natural water source. The contrast of the lush landscape and the plunging coastal cliffs is unbelievably picture-worthy.

It’s the ideal spot to explore by foot, do some serious shopping, and eat and drink authentic Italian food and wine. Just be sure to order a meal with capers as they are essential to much of the local cuisine.

Some of Sicily’s best grapes are grown on Salina, so buy a bottle or join a tasting tour to one of the vineyards on the island.

Panarea, Sicily

Day 3: Panarea

This exclusive and expensive island is the smallest of the Aeolians. With jasmine, bougainvillea, small white villages, and car-free streets, it’s unlike any other island you will come across. It’s a summer-only destination with very little activity happening outside of the summer months. In fact, if you show up between November to April, you’ll find that most places close seasonally.

On the tour, it will be the perfect spot to get away from life for a bit and enjoy the natural beauty of the island.

Stromboli, Sicily

Day 4: Stromboli

Want to see a real-life volcano explosion? Then Stromboli is the spot for you. Most famous for its nighttime eruptions, it coined the nickname the “Lighthouse of the Mediterranean.” In fact, it’s been erupting continuously for two thousand years. You can take a guided hike up to the top at sunset. Just be warned– it’s hot!

Famous film-makers and style-setters, like Dolce and Gabbana, own villas to spend holidays there, and tourists from all around the world visit to see the dramatic Aeolian island. If you’ve got the time, be sure to watch the sunset and keep an eye out for the Sciara del Fuoco, where the lava flows into the sea.

Lipari, Sicily

Day 5: Lipari

Out of all the islands you will visit, Lipari is the largest and most populated yet it somehow still feels untouched and preserved. You will be able to experience the small town feel all while having plenty of restaurants, museums, bars, hotels, and shops to visit. It’s colorful seafront and busy little port makes it the most convenient base for island hopping.

If you’ve got the time, the eastern coast of the island offers old pumice quarries. The bright white stone gives the sea a very vibrant turquoise color, making for a swim you won’t forget.

While on Lipari, visit Quattrochi. It’s a short scooter ride out of Lipari town or an hours hike. From the lookout, you can see endless blue sea and smoke rising from the neighboring island, Vulcano. It’s a picture perfect view!

Vulcano, Sicily

Day 6: Vulcano

Vulcano is the closest island to Sicily, and its name stems from Hephaestus, the God of Fire. Fitting right? When you first approach the island, you’ll immediately see the plumes of smoke rising from the sunset. However, there’s so much more to this island than its famous volcanic black sand beach.

Take a cooking class or visit a local goat cheese farm for a taste of local culture.

Porto Levante is a local mud pool known for its mineral-rich mud. Despite the strong smell of sulfur, the mud has healing properties for the skin. And don’t forget to stop by the hot springs, they’re a truly sacred hot-spot.

Day 7: Portorosa

On the last day, you will sail back to Portorosa to disembark the yacht!

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