never underestimate the alluring power of safety

Let’s say you read a really inspiring book about a really inspiring business leader. The usual Steve Jobs/Elon Musk/Warren Buffet kinda guy.

And his story gets you so inspired and fired up, the next thing you know, you’re telling all your employees how, from this day forward, y’all are going to follow this illustrious titan’s example. Avast!

If only we were all swashbuckling world-changers, living on the edge, at the intersection of badass and crushing it.

But sadly, that’s not you.

Your situation is a far more ordinary. Your people prefer something a bit more “safe”, that’s why they like working for you.

And that’s OK.

Because to be successful in business, you don’t have to beat anybody, let alone beat Steve Jobs or Warren Buffet.

You just have to “beat yesterday”.

Just be a little better than you were twenty four hours ago. And then do it again. And again. And keep doing it.

You don’t always have to be heroic. Sometimes you just need to be consistent.

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