Nobody keeps their soul for free

When I first drew this drawing, I didn’t think much of it. To be honest, my mind was on something else at the time.

But the next morning I gave it another look at BAM! Wow, that’s some heavy stuff.

Twitter, Facebook, Medium, LinkedIn etc are awash with self-impressed founder-entrepreneur types who LOVE talking about the glories of sacrifice (“Last week, while I was getting up for my 4.30am CrossFit workout before eating a paleo breakfast and catching a 15-hour flight to China for my 6.00 a.m. meeting with my Shanghai hedge fund investors and writing 40 pages of content for my social pages yak yak yak….”).

Whereas, anyone who has read the Bible or The Iliad or studied history or lived through an actual war, will know that REAL sacrifice is something far more painful and hard and terrifying.

While you still breathe, you will learn some incredible lessons along the way. Just don’t expect the big ones to be easy, pain-free or lacking ambiguity. That is all.

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