What to Wear Namibia and Outfit Inspiration

Namibia was one of the most unique and stunning countries I’ve been to. On my first trip, I road tripped through the country hitting highlights like Sossusvlei, Wolwedans Dunes Lodge and Wolwedans Boulder Safari Camp, and on my second trip, I took a 4×4 tour along the Skeleton Coast and stayed at the Spitzkoppen Lodge!

On both trips, I learned that you’ll want to pack a few different types of outfits when trying to figure out what to wear in Namibia.

You’ll want pieces you don’t mind getting dirty (there’s a lot of dust out in the desert!), ones that are comfortable to explore in, some safari appropriate pieces, a few outfits for lounging around your camp or lodge, and of course, some warm clothes for nighttime.

Both times I visited Namibia, in both April and November, we were lucky enough to experience sunny and warm weather — so I rocked everything from sundresses to lightweight cargo pants and tank tops. During our time on the coast, there was quite a bit of wind so a scarf is a lifesaver to tame crazy hair and block the mouth and eyes from sand!

Generally, April and May are the best months to travel to Namibia, as it’s dry season and lots of greenery around central and eastern Namibia.

You may run into some rainstorms between December and March, but it can get down to freezing temperatures at night between June and August, so be sure to research right before you go! As with most places, Namibia’s weather patterns are slowly changing, so I recommend bring at least one warm jacket, just in case you run into a cold front at night.

In the months of September and October, Namibia will start warming up again and there’s great opportunities for an awesome, African safari experience.

Check out my Namibia outfit inspiration below!


Outside of Spitzkoppen Lodge

Blonde at Spitzkoppen Lodge

Blonde in Sandwich Bay

Actual: Skinny Cargo Pant / Scarf / Combat Boots / Lightweight Windbreaker

Check out these items to wear for safaris, off-roading, and exploring the desert and coastlines of Namibia!


Blonde in White Dress in Namibia

Pack layers for Namibia

little kulala hotel

Waking up in a luxury tent in Namibia

Check out these items for lounging and relaxing around your camp or lodge in Namibia!

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Sossusvlei Namibia

Side Note: Yes, this white dress shot is “extra” of me,  but Namibia shoots so beautifully in flowy dresses, so if you’re looking to shoot some lifestyle shots while you’re there, be sure to pack a flowy dress or two, and you’ll find it’s perfect against the harsh desert landscape.


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