Your war you're fighting or someone else's

A great thing about working in the advertising business, is it teaches you to always be asking the question, “Why should I be interested?”

Why does THIS matter? Why should ANYONE care?

And if you can find a relevant angle, you can craft a campaign around it. And then with a bit of luck, you can have huge impact for your client.

And once you get really good at this, you find it helps makes you much more self-aware about your actions, far beyond your job.

Why am I chasing this rainbow? Why aren’t I chasing this other rainbow? Should I be chasing rainbows at all?

Why does any of this matter?

And if you can take this idea and apply it successfully to a business, then you have the foundations of a strong culture. That’s how it works.

Meaning and purpose can be transformative if you can put into action.

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